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    Is my Chromium browser up to date?

    Check if your Chromium browser is up to date and secure by using feature detection to look for the latest features.

    It looks like you're using firefox
    It looks like you're using Safari
      It doesn't look like your using a browser that's built on Chromium.

    Chromium Checker only works with browsers that are built on Chromium. If you still want to give this a try, why not try in one of these browsers...

    It looks like you're using

    Your browser is using an up to date version of Chromium

    It looks like you're using

    Your browser is out of date!

    There are known vulnerabilities in this version

    Your browser is spoofing it's version number

    Claims to be Chromium
    Detected Chromium

    Why does this matter? Some browsers spoof their version number to pretend to be more up to date than what they are. This can bypass security checks that are meant to keep you safe and expose you to known vulnerabilities.

    How did we figure this out?

    This is what your browser advertises in the UserAgent & Client hints...

    User Agent :
    User Agent (Request Headers):
    User Agent (JavaScript):
    Client Hints:

    We did some detection and checked available features against known features in each version of Chromium...

    Each release of Chromium includes a new set of features that are documented on the Chrome Platform Status page. We can check to see if these features are present in your browser and then figure out which version of Chromium is being used. Below are what we looked for against each version and whether they could be found or not.