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    Which version of Chromium am I using?

    Ignore what the UserAgent claims and use feature detection to figure out which version of Chromium you're really using.

    This version of Chromium is outdated. It's recommended you update your browser immediately!

    Known vulnerabilities have been fixed between version of Chromium and the latest version.
    Is when version of Chromium was first released.
    Is what your browser is pretending to be, possibly exposing you to known vulnerabilities and bypassing security checks that are meant to keep you safe.

    Your browser claims to be .

    Correct version. Your browser looks like Chromium .

    Incorrect version. Your browser is trying to pretend that it's version when in fact it's using Chromium .

    Why is this bad?

    If you're using an old or outdated browser there may be known security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. Some websites try to protect you from this, by detecting and warning you when this is the case, however if your browser is pretending to be newer than it really is, you'll still be vulnerable to any exploits.

    Your browser doesn't look like it's using Chromium.

    How did we figure this out?

    This is what your browser advertises in the UserAgent & Client hints...

    User Agent:
    Client Hints:

    We did some detection and checked available features against known features in each version of Chromium...

    Each release of Chromium includes a new set of features that are documented on the Chrome Platform Status page. We can check to see if these features are present in your browser and then figure out which version of Chromium is being used. Below are what we looked for against each version and whether they could be found or not.